At Phare, our vision is to be the most trusted leader in business, strategic advisory and commercial services.

To achieve this long term vision, We do this not only through the services we provide, but also by seeking to bring our purpose and values to life, conducting our business with integrity, and actively engaging with the many stakeholder groups that help drive equality, advance economic development and prosperity where we do business.

Our Causes:


A Equoterapia – officially recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine since 1997 – is a therapeutic method that uses the horse within an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of health, education and riding, seeking the biopsychosocial development of people with physical/mental disabilities and/or special needs.  The Santo Amaro Equestrian Club has been offering equotherapy sessions for about 25 years and currently serves 220 adults and children, more than 50 of whom for free.

Saúde Criança

Saúde Criança is a social organization with a pioneer methodology that assists children who have been hospitalized and are living below the poverty line by fostering the economic and social self-sufficiency of their families.

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